potica povetica poticia potica 6133 6135 potica slovenian nut roll a delicious celebratory bread resembling a jelly roll made potica povetica poticia nut roll recipe herb bread 6079 6130 6104 6075 6095 6076 sliced potica on white plate sitting on an orange table with pumpkins and coffee cups in 6096 6112 overhead shot of potica on a cutting board with pumpkins and white plates in the background how to make potica the slovenian sweet you ve been missing out on taste of home 6105 6102 sourdough walnut roll or potica front view of a loaf of povitica recipe with two slices cut out after your dough has doubled in size punch it down that just means poking it down with your fingers or knuckles until some of the air is released dough filled with nut filling getting rolled up on a marble board fully cooked and cooled potica sliced and viewed from the front with a coffee cup rolled dough shaped into a coil sitting on an old cutting board on top of once the bread is rolled out into a sheet spread half your poppy seed and walnut filling onto the dough leaving about a half inch border of plain dough take your potica rope and coil it into a lightly greased bundt pan overlapping the edges slightly it should fit around a standard size pan just about since you have 15 minutes to kill while the dough rests it s the perfect time to stir up the filling start by whipping one egg white with your mixer s this is the first recipe i ever made with yeast and let me tell you it was intimidating the first few times to make sure i got it right i love this poppy seed potica because it s a beautiful treat that s not overly sweet in fact i like it best at breakfast alongside a cup of coffee overhead view of the full loaf of povitica recipe after it has been baked this is my go to nut roll recipe and has been for years and i hope i ve made it a little bit easier for you to tackle it 6119