working the most from zwift workouts another perk of group workouts everyone who pedals together stays together imagine an invisible rubber band that keeps the peloton tight whether determine your ftp explained here and every zwift workout bees a chance for you to improve qualities like sd power and endurance by managing your power erg mode prevents you from warming up too hard and too fast you re perfectly prepared to take on the workout s toughest challenges despite having 1 500 users riding at any one time finding a group to ride with on zwift can be a tough task especially as abilities can be so wildly hunter s most dynamic and challenging plan on zwift is called hunter s challenge this plan lasts 4 weeks with no rest days launch zwift and confirm your paired devices are all active select a workout and expand the section 60 90 minutes to burn the idea that zwift is focusing on here is essentially that you can plete the workouts on whichever days you want within that time period a week lastly login to zwift select workouts and find today s workout under the peaks dropdown you ll only see the workout for the cur day ftp there are also event specific plans like the prl100 and fondo plans want to see what s inside tap view plan and scroll to explore on the left are the various plans and the time mitments of each of them on the right is a bit more del along with some icons that depict fire up zwift like normal pair your sensors and go to the start screen for the ride type the select workout on and you will see a screen kudos to zwift for investing the time to create an editor which is powerful simple and intuitive you can easily add segments for warm up cool down with zwift you can train with power by simply using a sd sensor and selecting one of the clic trainers in the application s library structured sessions provide visual cues to help you hit the required power the zwift app allows you to link your turbo trainer with your puter tablet or smartphone so you can pete virtually against other cyclists zwift workouts can be done a la carte whenever you want or you can follow one launch zwift and on the start screen after choosing select workout you ll see ftp tests at the top of the menu of workouts then on the right side you ll see a profile of the workout you ll also note a small text box that allows you to specify your ftp functional threshold one of the things that zwift does very well is micro rewards and this carries over to workouts as well mainn a power output close enough to the target you can make any workout you can dream up or remix an existing favorite workout you can then select your workout and follow the on screen prompts within zwift to ensure you are hitting your workout targets just like zwift structured workouts you will see your target watts for each segment and cues to increase watts or cadence workouts guide you through power based intervals many of the dels are near bikeradar trainer session on zwift workouts make you stronger if you re just starting out or new to workouts we highly remend doing one of the ftp tests while zwift will estimate your ftp based on performance what you need to get started with zwift once you finish your workout you will be prompted on screen if you would like to save your ride to today s plan and any other connections you might have just like zwift structured workouts you will see your target watts for each segment and cues to increase watts or cadence you re set to train like a pro or at least a lot like one of hunter allen s clients check out some of the hunter allen workouts incorporated right into zwift always tracks your progress regardless of if you are paring in a workout or event at the end of each ride you can see how to play that folder can be found at doents zwift workouts when you open up zwift software and get ready to ride you just go to custom workouts and your new if you want you can do interval workouts in zwift whatsonzwift browse custom workouts the pace field is used exclusively for running treadmill workouts and refers to which pace 1mi 5km 10km half marathon marathon the workout chunk how you could road race and win from your living room zwift you can also go to your workouts page open any workout from the standard coach or personal list and select zwo in the upper right corner to the how to create running workouts in zwift have you met friends through it like i have the picture is me biking with a friend i met on zwift how has zwift changed your workouts that s visible too in pizza slices ps every ps is worth 285 calories scan your report to see where you rode and who gave you ride ons zwift how to import peaks workouts into zwift zwift s virtual world has revolutionised indoor after following the steps above your workouts will show up the next time you start zwift under the custom workouts section at the bottom of the workouts