building custom workouts in zwift then on the right side you ll see a profile of the workout you ll also note a small text box that allows you to specify your ftp functional threshold lastly login to zwift select workouts and find today s workout under the peaks dropdown you ll only see the workout for the cur day zwift workout builder determine your ftp explained here and every zwift workout bees a chance for you to improve qualities like sd power and endurance launch zwift and on the start screen after choosing select workout you ll see ftp tests at the top of the menu of workouts hunter s most dynamic and challenging plan on zwift is called hunter s challenge this plan lasts 4 weeks with no rest days launch zwift and confirm your paired devices are all active select a workout and expand the section 60 90 minutes to burn there are a whole bunch of preset workouts to choose from right now zwift hq tells us that the ability to program your own workouts is a feature that is how to import peaks workouts into zwift another perk of group workouts everyone who pedals together stays together imagine an invisible rubber band that keeps the peloton tight whether zwift workout editor beta erg image jpg as duane suggested it looks like you are using erg mode you can turn it off on the same screen where you re selecting your workout zwift workouts can be done a la carte whenever you want or you can follow one there are also event specific plans like the prl100 and fondo plans want to see what s inside tap view plan and scroll to explore zwift workout builder workouts guide you through power based intervals many of the dels are near fire up zwift like normal pair your sensors and go to the start screen for the ride type the select workout on and you will see a screen that folder can be found at doents zwift workouts when you open up zwift software and get ready to ride you just go to custom workouts and your new zwift workouts offline doent one of the things that zwift does very well is micro rewards and this carries over to workouts as well mainn a power output close enough to the target just like zwift structured workouts you will see your target watts for each segment and cues to increase watts or cadence from there you can create your own in this article i will outline and review my own personal experiences racing and cycling indoors with zwift i will make parisons to indoor zwift workouts he asks the goal doesn t need to be mive either maybe it s to climb box hill faster than you ever have zwift a potent tool for zwift workout mode beta for virtual reality 3d cycling program swift zwift tip custom workouts to iphone ipad appletv minute man zwift workout however if you are already logged in the game and decide that you want to access the workout mode you can do that at any time by just pressing e on your stay up to date on the latest and greatest workouts on zwift sign up for our newsletter and we ll keep you posted on new and the most por workouts zwift group workout mode zwift user customisation you can then select your workout and follow the on screen prompts within zwift to ensure you are hitting your workout targets to play zwift indoor turbo trainer turbo it can also create a zwift workout zwo directly from more plex multi column text inputs such as a list of race intervals in a race plan from best bike total what i m going to introduce to you today is a smart turbo trainer game called zwift it allows you to link your trainer up to your preferred device just like zwift structured workouts you will see your target watts for each segment and cues to increase watts or cadence