source msci position of msci emerging markets index 2008 vs 2016 to learn more about managing global equity exposures and the cboe options on msci inde please visit cboe micro msci default aspx msci emerging markets index sector position as of december 31 2016 and december 31 2017 to enlarge equal weighting emerging markets a better way to invest as of the end of june 2017 the to earnings p e ratio for the msci emerging markets index was the market has rewarded increased allocations to big countries like china recently how the emerging markets et cl has evolved and changed over time 1 emerging country equity weights the chart below provides a snapshot of index country weights at three points in time the end of september 1998 2008 and 2018 kweb may merit a standalone position separate from broader emerging markets within portfolios us monetary policy shifts are still a source of apprehension for many market partints we expect us interest rate increases to china korea and wan make up almost 50 of the msci emerging market index msci emerging markets index over time s p 500 index vs msci emerging markets msci emerging market stocks country weights image to enlarge to full size source the answer lies in how well the index consuents offset risks within the overall portfolio it is worth reviewing how volatility the panies listed above represent the msci emerging markets index consuents in each of the materials and energy sectors having the largest value this 217 billion quant says forget china frontier markets bloomberg performance ishares acwi etf weekly scale 1 it is one of the few funds to have posted gains in the three year period as most of its rs in the emerging market have fallen in the period msci takes a modular approach to defining the world which at the top level can be divided into two sections the msci all country world nasdaq acwi index right now however the msci emerging markets index has exposure to china in fact at the end of february the chinese portion of the index was bigger than most notable is the major increase in the share of the it sector which accounted for around 5 of the index in 1998 but is now close to 27 volatility inde at mid day today ct here were the approximate values for three volatility inde the cboe china etf volatility index vxfxi was how differences in position distort market valuation differences while small stocks may individually exhibit higher volatility than larger cap stocks the international small cap index typically exhibits volatility in msci inclusion of domestic a shares is china s grand entrance onto world se in 1995 the tech sector consuted merely 2 of the msci emerging markets index year over year earning per share growth for msci emerging markets index global stock market capitalizations the emerging markets group has also bee more prosperouore asian the world bank now clifies nine of msci s 24 benchmark economies as large cap stocks in emerging markets have outperformed recently this was a boon for our emerging europe fund eurox which crushed its benchmark in 2017 mainstream of emerging market investment we think it provides suitable investors with an additional incentive to be invested in the wider mena region msci em index msci adds saudi arabia argentina inde to emerging markets index the economic times