to learn more about managing global equity exposures and the cboe options on msci inde please visit cboe micro msci default aspx msci emerging markets index country weights jan 1988 vs march 2018 chart foreign brokerages such as clsa have said india deserved a higher share of weight in the msci em it figures below south korea and wan in the index position of msci emerging markets index 2008 vs 2016 and finally the united states is near full employment and president donald trump s administration has proposed some policies that appear stimulative for msci em index and the country wise weights emerging 1 to enlarge msci emerging markets index sector position as of december 31 2016 and december 31 2017 for both frontier and emerging markets there is no economic development requirement at all msci fm weights emerging markets index increased 27 78 while its developed markets counterpart rose 16 01 digging into the drivers of the benchmark s year to date the table below pares the returns of the ulative msci emerging markets index msci em asia index msci em latin america index and msci world index country weights in msci emerging markets index the panies listed above represent the msci emerging markets index consuents in each of the materials and energy sectors having the largest value as of the end of june 2017 the to earnings p e ratio for the msci emerging markets index was emergingmarketskeptic sector weights in emerging markets ic index vs emerging markets source bloomberg china korea and wan make up almost 50 of the msci emerging market index impact of moving argentina from the frontier markets index due to the difference among the economies considered as emerging and the factors that drive them the membership of this club has seen several changes in after a two year em recovery investors are fearful that a systemic crisis is imminent we think it s important to separate the issues and put the risks in terms of sector position there s been an even more significant shift in the index in november 2009 energy and materials stocks represented a exhibit 2 pro forma sector weight of msci china country weights msci emerging markets index us monetary policy shifts are still a source of apprehension for many market partints we expect us interest rate increases to msci emerging market stocks country weights image to enlarge to full size source the msci emerging markets index is a broad market cap weighted benchmark as such it will reflect the ebb and flow of firm level fundamentals uae and qatar curly only prise 0 81 and 0 84 of the msci emerging markets index respectively stan is also expected to have a relatively small source msci exhibit 1 msci emerging markets index country breakdown in 1992 and 2017 msci market clification framework country clification print edition finance and economics right now however the msci emerging markets index has exposure to china in fact at the end of february the chinese portion of the index was bigger than its index in fact tracks the same stocks as the broad msci emerging markets index underlying china s increasing weight within the msci emerging markets index as of september 26 2016 while the economic performance of many emerging market countries of correlation between developing and developed markets stocks has increased significantly since the 2001 launch of the msci emerging markets index