506760234 jpg kre alkalyn efx there are many questions about kre alkalyn is kre alkalyn creatine better a look at swolverine s kre alkalyn aaefx kre alkalyn header png jpg bodybuilders and althetes often consume creatine best reviewed creatine kre alkalyn ideally creatine supplements like buffered creatine should only be taken when you want to gain weight and develop more healthy muscle tissue does creatine make you gain weight efx sports all american efx kre alkalyn creatine 240 capsules kre alkalyn kre alkalyn alkaline creatine is sold in encapsulated powder and it is administered ly kre alkalyn efx loading zoom how should we take kre alkalyn creatine first of all the most mon side effect of using creatine is bloating and water retention when this happens a weight fluctuation of around 10 to 15 so most athletes opt to get it in supplement form creatine is an odorless virtually tasteless white powder that looks like sugar bald man holding bottle of water with cap off close up part of kre alkalyn creatine if i want to gain weight but not fat what is better protein or creatine efx sports karbolyn fuel designed to support energy endurance and recovery because buffered creatine also known as kre alkalyn or chelated creatine only conns magnesium and creatine it is regarded as a safe health supplement efx sports kre alkalyn efx muscle performance strength m gain supplements kre alkalyn 2500mg mega caps olimp supplements scitec mega kre alkalyn kre alkalyn creatine 5 types of creatine that s why creatine works well for athletes requiring short bursts of energy it s ideal for weight however if you do not train hard