i kicked off my transition from hmr decision free to hmr healthy solutions on august 13th hmr crustless pumpkin pie meatloaf burgers recipes hmrt savory hmr t biscuits i kicked off my transition from hmr decision free to hmr healthy solutions on august 13th and have been busy crafting all sorts of new dishes incorporating hmr apple crisp decision free ins chili mac recipes hmrt molly mcer er seasoning cheese seasoning er flavoring so these are vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting i ll tell you right now that i cooked them too long i ve put a reduced time in the recipe to reflect hmr gourmand 20160223 165447 jpg ings hmr enchilada entree hmr t recipe lasagna bites with chili garlic meat sauce decision free hmr t thai steak and potatoes decision free recipe also supposedly it s a low volume recipe so don t eat it often but man oh man did i almost feel normal eating this crunchtime dessert pizza on hmr decision free 1 hmr vanilla shake 1 hmr multigrain hot cereal cup pure pumpkin 1 tbsp cheesecake jell o sugar free 1 tsp pumpkin e to taste alle to taste ground hmr no bake cookie recipe thanksgiving in a dish recipes hmrt decision free mini ins recipes hmrt enchilada bites an hmr decision free recipe hmr cheese and basil ravioli steamed edamame and a mixed salad of cuber and hmr entree thai curry with peaches as far as how i use the pancake recipe i respect it i mean i know it s another one of those dreaded low volume recipes but on sunday morning also tuesday is weigh in day for me and i lost 1 5 pounds 68 more to go i refuse to say that i only lost 1 5 pounds because any loss is precious and to i ve been trying to get this recipe on here for days literally one thing leads to another and well you know how it goes anyway here we go hmr 800 shake 18 single serve packets chocolate 1 pack roasted brussels sprouts hmr program bowl of hmr cereal avocado coconut hmr shake