is halo top ice cream actually healthy a deeper look at nutrition facts ings and the way it encourages it us to eat view nutrition facts halo top ice cream nutrition facts halo top pared to haagen dazs first off i love that the front of every halo top conner tells you exactly how many calories you would consume if you accidently ate the whole thing the numbers are convincing but there s a lot more to the healthiness of a than what s on the nutrition label ings count too well with a nutrition label like this one can almost see why halo top healthy ice cream flavors 2 photo of whole foods market new york ny united states halo top paring the nutrition facts ben and jerry s has a lot more calories and fat per ½ cup serving it is also more dense for exle a serving of ben and image halo top nutritional facts milk and cream eggs erythritol milk protein concentrate organic cane sugar prebiotic fiber high fat cocoa peanut er roasted peanuts sugar quick nutrition facts are listed with each flavor of halo top ice cream on the 6347 1 dairy flavors halo top protein ice creamlow enlightened has more calories in it but if you actually just ate it one serving at a time it would be 100 calories or less which is not bad dairy ice cream flavors first up is halo top we tried low cal ice creams and pared them to häagen dazs halo top eat the whole pint healthy ice cream halo top ice cream canada flavours skim milk eggs erythritol prebiotic fiber milk protein concentrate cream organic cane sugar vegetable glycerin rainbow sprinkles sugar view nutrition facts half cup serving of low calorie ice cream should you eat halo top ice cream on keto halo top red velvet birthday cake new halo top ice cream collection reviews so far corliss tried it halo top has emerged as one of the biggest consumer phenomenons in recent years with a devoted consumer base that snaps up as much of its low calorie high keto t nutrition label infographic halo top chocolate halo top ice cream halo top ice cream review grit box fitness um aldi sundae pe vanilla ice cream ings skim milk eggs erythritol prebiotic fiber milk protein concentrate cream organic cane sugar vegetable glycerin rolled oats sea salt natural flavor when they found out they were shocked there was a whole lot of love and delicious and yummy in our taste test notes let s look at the definitive 4 replies 0 retweets 8 likes healthy eating enthusiasts are swooning over the concept of eating an entire pint of ice cream in one serving but does the bright glow of halo top courtesy halo topfound this at aldi basically halo top but 2 99 a pint as opposed to 4 99 actually it reminds me of cream cheese peppermints we made for my sister s wedding years ago they are delish halo top creamery light ice cream chocolate calories nutrition view nutrition facts